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Greetings from King's Lynn NO2ID !!!

It's New Year. What better time for a new pretext for the ever-changing ID scheme?

2007 begins with Home Office minister Liam Byrne telling us that ID cards are "the solution" to people trafficking. Another function for ID - and with an emotional hook to stop you thinking straight. Remember it also 'a solution' for terrorism and fraud. But not "the solution".


As some of you may know the Identity Cards Bill was reintroduced into Parliament in 2005 and the government has been pushing hard ever since to get the Bill passed.

According to the 'Strategic Action Plan'(, the Home Office will begin collecting UK Citizens' biometric data alongside those of asylum seekers some time 2007 or 2008.
With this scheme, if it works, once nearly everybody has a card or a visa, then you can find out who doesn't - by checking their number or re-fingerprinting them when they come into contact with an official. Making all public sector staff and many private sector employers into immigration officers, in effect.

Meanwhile people trafficking involves those who don't come into contact with officials. They are smuggled past borders, in unregistered work, avoiding checks - or in the worst cases locked-up as slaves.

Biometrics and ID cards won't 'catch illegals'. They just make illegal status rigid by removing grey areas.

The scheme wastes time for law-abiding citizens and visitors. It scarcely touches those trying to keep a low profile. It is wholly irrelevant to those who are forced to live in secret. (Except, if you can't live without a card, it is one more way to keep you captive.)

As a part of NO2ID, it is our job to make aware the population en masse, as the lack of media coverage and lack of explanation as to the implications of these new 'anti-terror' , 'anti-trafficking' measures has brought us to a pivotal point - a point where it is critical that UK Citizens voice their outrage at these liberty-restricting measures, or risk falling further into a surveillance state.

I ask anyone who is interested in receiving regular updates for the King's Lynn area and becoming involved in local group activism to contact me @:

Come on, let's show these Blair bums what we can do!!

thanks for reading, don't hesitate to contact me for further info.

James Long, King's Lynn NO2ID