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Dear Sirs
I travelled over the flyover for the first time on sunday 7th December 2003 from the Sutton Bridge
direction so I exited from the new roundabout. I was driving in the direction of D/Mkt so I would
stay on the left.

When I left the roundabout I then approached a set of traffic lights, they were on green so I carried on and commenced looking to the right to check the traffic. To my amazement I saw out of the corner of my eye I saw a single traffic light which appeared to be pointing towards the traffic coming from the town centre or Hunstanton.

This traffic light was on red and by the time I saw it I had gone past and thought oh my God was that meant for me.

I think it would be a good idea to assess the necessity for the said traffic light or angle it so drivers coming from that direction understand that it is meant for them. At the moment it is in my opinion quite ambiguous.

I am an Advanced driver and I take my driving and the law very seriously and would not break the law willingly. I am now rather concerned that I will receive a fine for not understanding fully what I was required to do. Especially when it was too late.

As the traffic lights were on green in the first instance one does not expect to see another traffic light a few yards away.

Thank you
Yours faithfully

Stephen Leivers

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